Colorado Springs, CO

Hot Asana Yoga Colorado Springs

Hot Asana supports a rapidly growing base of yoga fans in Colorado. We opened our new location on Templeton Gap on March 5, 2021. Hot Asana sets new standards in what you should expect from a studio. We will have a full line up of classes running all day for all experience levels, a fully stocked boutique, and dynamic and inspiring teachers – even if you have never stepped inside a yoga room before, we have what you need to feel at home in our studios.

  • 855-996-YOGA(9642)
  • 1020 E Jefferson St. Unit 110
  • Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Owner: Sarah Spence

We also offer the following additional services:

In Colorado Springs: Astrology + Love Workshop with Brad Williams

How we love and what we need according to our astrological charts.

Friday, August 27 from 5:15-7:15pm

At Hot Asana Colorado Springs

This interactive workshop will use your birth chart to show not only how you love, but what your relationship needs. We’ll explore this using your Venus/Mars/Moon placement and by taking a look at what planets fall into your 5th, 7th, and 8th houses.

Discuss the connection between how we relate to ourselves is indicative of the type of person we attract and eventually partner with. What do we lack in ourselves that the other shows us? Do we fight what we are being shown or do we embrace what makes us feel uncomfortable?

And this works both ways! If we conform too much and sacrifice the parts of ourselves that are the strongest and most sound parts of our nature, there is potential to become a martyr, losing respect for ourselves in the process, which in turn causes our partner to lose respect for us.

Relationships are certainly complicated but understanding your chart can give you an inside look at what you bring to the relationship, good and bad, in order to attract healthier partnerships.

This workshop will give you a better understanding of three fundamental energies (Venus, Moon & Mars) which affect our being and our ability to relate to others, so that your relationships become more intentional, directed and less by “chance.”

VENUS – What are the challenges for each Venus sign to find relatable patterns in themselves that allow others to see you more clearly? If we aren’t expressing our Venus at its highest potential, then we only attract others whose Venus isn’t running at top speed.

MOON – The moon shows us that while we can control our reactions, we cannot control how we feel. So how do we handle our moon energy if this is the case? Understanding the unconscious aspects of the moon will help us be more directly responsive toward the conscious parts of our nature.

MARS – This is sexual energy and the need to express that energy sacredly. Your Mars expression by sign is a gateway into understanding the physical nature of love and how it can be expressed in a copacetic way with another person.

*Only 10 spots available. Investment is $100 per person.*

About Brad Williams

Since 1998, Brad has used astrology as the tool for this deep and often vulnerable level of self-understanding.

“Astrology helps us understand those blind spots,” says Brad. “It speaks to us personally and It encourages us to move past our self-imposed limitations by having more direct access to the source of those so-called limitations.”

In Colorado Springs: Tarot Workshop with Sarah

Tarot Workshop with Sarah

A Two Day Workshop: February 5 & 6, 2022 from 2:00-3:45pm each day

At Hot Asana Colorado Springs

In this two day workshop, we will explore the art of reading tarot! Not only will we talk about all 78 cards and their basic meanings, but will work on how to trust your intuition, connect with the imagery of your cards, and create simple card spreads. This workshop is great for those who are completely new to tarot and those wanting to brush up on their skills. All you will need to bring for this course is your own tarot deck and a journal for taking notes. Please make sure your deck is a tarot deck with the 78 tarot cards and not an oracle deck! It’s encouraged to find a deck that has imagery you connect with that has distinctly different images on each card vs themed cards that look very similar. This will help you establish meaning to imagery and will greatly aid in communicating with your intuition while reading. For any questions about whether your deck is tarot or oracle or any questions about the workshop, feel free to reach out to Sarah at

Pricing: $77 for both Saturday & Sunday sessions! :)

Handstand Anatomy

  • Date: Saturday, April 10th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times:1:30pm-4pm
  • Instructors: Justin
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • In this offering we will be covering basic anatomy of the shoulder girdle, arms, and spine to better understand the act of a handstand. We will also demystify the Bundhas or "locks" of the body, associating these locks with more familiar anatomical landmarks while diving into their energetic nature through complementary Asana and exercises. Working our way from basic arm balances such as Bakasana (crow pose) to eventually exploring accessible entrances into handstands, you will leave this workshop with new drills and movements geared toward hand/arm balancing as well as a comprehensive basic understanding of the physiological theory of standing on one's hands. Whether you're intimidated by crow pose or a veteran inverter, you will come away with new movements and ideas to integrate into your practice. *unheated **Questions or need help signing up?

    Give us a call at 855-996-YOGA or email us at

Soul Dance: A Sound & Movement Transformational Journey

  • Date: Saturday, April 24th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 7-8:30pm
  • Instructors: Melissa and Yehoshua Caiyem
  • Cost: $20 per person
  • Soul Dance: A Sound & Movement Transformational Journey

    Soul Dance is a project of Melissa and Yehoshua Caiyem

    Melissa, is a Holistic Practitioner and Sound Therapist with 30 yrs of practice - Yehoshua is an Oncology RN with decades caring for cancer patients - Together they orchestrate a connection where the science of sound meets the pathways of healing for the ultimate energetic experience.

    Sound is a tool for healing and can help you clear energetic blockages and thus facilitate the path of wellness on a physical and mental level. In this 90minute workshop the frequency of the sounds will synchronize with your brainwaves activating de-stress responses in your body. Guitars, crystal bowls, and black lights oh my! You really have to experience it to fully grasp it.

    Besides an open mind, feel free to bring: a journal & pen, water bottle, towel, and something to glow under the lights in!

    *Unheated **Questions or need help signing up? Give us a call at 855-996-YOGA or email us at

Straight to the Core

  • Date: Saturday May 20th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 1:30-3:30pm
  • Instructors: Julie Myers
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • Core strength is the vital force that holds you steady in your yoga practice, keeps you upright in your standing poses, lends vitality in backbends, and enables you to maintain balance. True core strength is about embodying your purpose, not just on the mat, but also in your life. It is about being strong and capable in the world, so that you are empowered to find your purpose and live it to the fullest. This two-hour, core themed Vinyasa flow will tap into all things core, leaving you feeling balanced and strong.

Project OM Donation Class

  • Date: Sunday May 14th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 2-3:30pm
  • Instructors: Lisa Tiffany
  • Cost: Donations for Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • We are teaming up with Manduka for the Project:OM (one million) nation wide event! This will be an all levels 90-minute hot flow donation based class where all the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Manduka anticipates ONE MILLION yogis to practice and donate nation wide on this Mother’s Day weekend to raise awareness for breast cancer and support those who have battled! Please come out and share in this special event! No matter what amount you are able to give we want you there! Spaces limited, reserve your spot today!

    ***Donations are cash and check only please.

    Write checks to Susan G. Komen Foundation***

Pranayama & Meditation

  • Date: Saturday May 13th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 2-4pm
  • Instructors: Erica Henkel
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • Meditation is shown to have numerous benefits on the body, mind, and spirit; including stress reduction, mental clarity, and increased self-awareness and acceptance. In this class you will have the opportunity to explore pranayama and meditation practices. The class will begin with some gentle asana (physical practice) to prepare the body and mind and then move into a pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

Hot Candlelight Flow

  • Date: Saturday May 6th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 4-5:30pm
  • Instructors: Christie Hickey
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • This 90- minute candlelit Vinyasa class begins the experience where sequences are practiced together and then on your own breath and at your own pace- emphasizing mindful transitions and acute awareness of the breath. This class is guaranteed to slow your flow and calm the mind.

Athletic Recovery

  • Date: Sunday May 21st
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 2-3:30pm
  • Instructor: Chelsea Majewski
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, weightlifter, yogi, etc. this class is for everyone. Focused on releasing sore and/or exhausted muscles, Athletic Recovery will start off with a basic Vinyasa flow followed by longer holds, utilizing the specific poses to open and release various muscle groups.*Regular Class Price

Open Your Heart Flow

  • Date: Saturday April 22nd
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 2-4pm
  • Instructor: Sarah Coram
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • We often carry the fears and stresses of the day to day in our shoulders and spine. This two- hour class incorporates a mindful and fluid heart-opening flow using the breath, as well as, acute awareness to what is transpiring within the physical poses and what feelings may be evoked within you. Creating a supportive and encouraging space for you to delve, digest, and transform as you explore movement in the spine. *Regular Class Price

LSD (long, slow & deep)

  • Date: Saturday April 8th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times:2-4pm
  • Instructors: Lisa Tiffany
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • Long, Slow, Deep

    A deep and challenging alternative to the myriad of Vinyasa and flowing yoga classes. A practice that is utterly potent without focusing on strength, endurance or even building much heat. Experience the benefits of holding poses a little longer, giving massive areas such as hamstrings, hips, and shoulders more time to release and go deeper into poses. This is truly an amazing routine yet we rarely leave the floor. This class is suited for students of all levels.

Keep It Moving - A NonStop Flow

  • Date: Saturday April 15th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 1:30-3pm
  • Instructors: Julie Myers
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • This non-stop flow will incorporate transitions that create grace and fluidity in our bodies. The flow becomes dance-like encouraging us to get out of our heads and into our bodies.

    #LetGo,Just Flow

Cracking The Shell - An Easter Yoga Practice

  • Date: Sunday April 16th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 2-3:30pm
  • Instructors: Sarah Martin
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • Join Sarah Martin on Easter Sunday in this 90 minute Hot Flow. Inspired by the Easter Holiday, this class will focus on cracking the shell; letting go of false beliefs and ideas so that you may resurrect a new way of being. Shedding light on your hopes, intentions, and the limitless possibilities of a renewed spirit.