Soul Dance: A Sound & Movement Transformational Journey

  • Date: Saturday, April 24th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 7-8:30pm
  • Instructors: Melissa and Yehoshua Caiyem
  • Cost: $20 per person
  • Soul Dance: A Sound & Movement Transformational Journey

    Soul Dance is a project of Melissa and Yehoshua Caiyem

    Melissa, is a Holistic Practitioner and Sound Therapist with 30 yrs of practice - Yehoshua is an Oncology RN with decades caring for cancer patients - Together they orchestrate a connection where the science of sound meets the pathways of healing for the ultimate energetic experience.

    Sound is a tool for healing and can help you clear energetic blockages and thus facilitate the path of wellness on a physical and mental level. In this 90minute workshop the frequency of the sounds will synchronize with your brainwaves activating de-stress responses in your body. Guitars, crystal bowls, and black lights oh my! You really have to experience it to fully grasp it.

    Besides an open mind, feel free to bring: a journal & pen, water bottle, towel, and something to glow under the lights in!

    *Unheated **Questions or need help signing up? Give us a call at 855-996-YOGA or email us at