handstand anatomy

Handstand Anatomy

  • Date: Saturday, April 10th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times:1:30pm-4pm
  • Instructors: Justin
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • In this offering we will be covering basic anatomy of the shoulder girdle, arms, and spine to better understand the act of a handstand. We will also demystify the Bundhas or "locks" of the body, associating these locks with more familiar anatomical landmarks while diving into their energetic nature through complementary Asana and exercises. Working our way from basic arm balances such as Bakasana (crow pose) to eventually exploring accessible entrances into handstands, you will leave this workshop with new drills and movements geared toward hand/arm balancing as well as a comprehensive basic understanding of the physiological theory of standing on one's hands. Whether you're intimidated by crow pose or a veteran inverter, you will come away with new movements and ideas to integrate into your practice. *unheated **Questions or need help signing up?

    Give us a call at 855-996-YOGA or email us at hotasanacos@icloud.com