Astrology + Love Workshop with Brad Williams

In Colorado Springs: Astrology + Love Workshop with Brad Williams

How we love and what we need according to our astrological charts.

Friday, August 27 from 5:15-7:15pm

At Hot Asana Colorado Springs

This interactive workshop will use your birth chart to show not only how you love, but what your relationship needs. We’ll explore this using your Venus/Mars/Moon placement and by taking a look at what planets fall into your 5th, 7th, and 8th houses.

Discuss the connection between how we relate to ourselves is indicative of the type of person we attract and eventually partner with. What do we lack in ourselves that the other shows us? Do we fight what we are being shown or do we embrace what makes us feel uncomfortable?

And this works both ways! If we conform too much and sacrifice the parts of ourselves that are the strongest and most sound parts of our nature, there is potential to become a martyr, losing respect for ourselves in the process, which in turn causes our partner to lose respect for us.

Relationships are certainly complicated but understanding your chart can give you an inside look at what you bring to the relationship, good and bad, in order to attract healthier partnerships.

This workshop will give you a better understanding of three fundamental energies (Venus, Moon & Mars) which affect our being and our ability to relate to others, so that your relationships become more intentional, directed and less by “chance.”

VENUS – What are the challenges for each Venus sign to find relatable patterns in themselves that allow others to see you more clearly? If we aren’t expressing our Venus at its highest potential, then we only attract others whose Venus isn’t running at top speed.

MOON – The moon shows us that while we can control our reactions, we cannot control how we feel. So how do we handle our moon energy if this is the case? Understanding the unconscious aspects of the moon will help us be more directly responsive toward the conscious parts of our nature.

MARS – This is sexual energy and the need to express that energy sacredly. Your Mars expression by sign is a gateway into understanding the physical nature of love and how it can be expressed in a copacetic way with another person.

*Only 10 spots available. Investment is $100 per person.*

About Brad Williams

Since 1998, Brad has used astrology as the tool for this deep and often vulnerable level of self-understanding.

“Astrology helps us understand those blind spots,” says Brad. “It speaks to us personally and It encourages us to move past our self-imposed limitations by having more direct access to the source of those so-called limitations.”