+ class types

Hot Vinyasa Flow (60, 75 or 90 min)

Our yoga room is heated to above body temperature to allow for a deeper release and to avoid injury. The instructor will deliver a dynamic flow style class that welcomes all levels.

Tone & Flow (with weights)

Designed for all levels, Tone and Flow incorporates free weights into a simple, yet intense vinyasa flow practice. Done in a heated room, this total body workout will tone muscles, build endurance, and strengthen your regular yoga practice.

Long, Slow, Deep (LSD)

This grounded practice consists of longer holds in seated or supine poses. In this two-hour practice, you'll release all muscle groups surrounding the hip joint, which in turn leads to more mobility, less compression, and healthier pelvic and spinal alignment.

Warm Vinyasa Flow (60 or 75 min)

Our yoga room is warmed to stay below body temperature but be warm enough to allow for a deeper release and to avoid injury. The instructor will deliver a dynamic flow style class that welcomes all levels.

Warm Rocket Vinyasa

Rocket Vinyasa is a dynamic sequence rooted in the tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa, laced with the freedom of contemporary vinyasa. Focusing on the breath, the practitioner will be guided through one of three set sequences and can expect a vigorous class peppered with foundational shapes, folds, arm balances, inversions, and backbends. *Warm room

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxing the body and the mind while providing an opportunity to renew and heal. In this practice, you can leave the distractions and stresses of daily life and devote much needed time to restoring your own sense of well-being. Students are situated in simple, comfortable poses on the floor supported with blankets, straps or blocks. Students stay in poses for longer periods of time, allowing gravity to create releases and openings in the body. Not heated.

Hot Yoga: 26 + 2 Version

This version of Hot Yoga consists of the traditional 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises held in a room heated to 100+ degrees with added humidity.

Warm Yin

This class uses Yin Yoga's gentle long held postures to bring a feeling of lightness in the body, a deep release of the connective tissue and increased flexibility and range of motion. 75 min * Gently Warmed

Kids Yoga

This playful, unheated class will blend yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises to help kids develop coordination and balance, as well as cultivate mindfulness and compassion. This class is available to kids ages 3-7.

Hot Yoga (75 min)

This class is recommended for all levels to learn and refine yoga postures in the longer holds provided. Poses are still linked together through creative transitions but this class does not include the down dogs, planks, side planks or chataurangas that are seen in our flow classes. This practice can be a great counterbalance to taking vinyasa flow classes, as well as a great option for those who may prefer to avoid wrist, elbow or shoulder weight bearing but still desire a hot & sweaty workout. Our studio is heated to above body temperature to allow for a deeper release and to avoid injury. The instructor is skilled in delivering this type of experience to a multi-level group of students - no previous experience is required. ALL LEVELS

Yomassage ®

Indulge in a transformative experience that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. Each Yomassage® session begins with a five minute breathing exercise and a unique themed meditation that helps ground you in the present moment. Invite your concerns to float away as you’re guided through a series of restorative stretches while a Yomassage therapist provides therapeutic massage and continued guided meditation. Throughout the session, you’ll allow your body to move into a deep state of relaxation and ignite the mind-body connection through therapeutic touch, restorative stretch, and mindfulness meditation. All Signature Yomassage sessions are led by a licensed massage therapist certified in Yomassage®.#MotherhoodIsAMarathon


Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, weightlifter, yogi, olympian, etc. this class is for everyone. Focused on releasing sore and/or exhausted muscles, Athletic Recovery will start off with a basic Vinyasa flow followed by longer holds, utilizing the specific poses to open and release various muscle groups. *Warm Class