Tarot Workshop with Sarah

In Colorado Springs: Tarot Workshop with Sarah

Tarot Workshop with Sarah

A Two Day Workshop: February 5 & 6, 2022 from 2:00-3:45pm each day

At Hot Asana Colorado Springs

In this two day workshop, we will explore the art of reading tarot! Not only will we talk about all 78 cards and their basic meanings, but will work on how to trust your intuition, connect with the imagery of your cards, and create simple card spreads. This workshop is great for those who are completely new to tarot and those wanting to brush up on their skills. All you will need to bring for this course is your own tarot deck and a journal for taking notes. Please make sure your deck is a tarot deck with the 78 tarot cards and not an oracle deck! It’s encouraged to find a deck that has imagery you connect with that has distinctly different images on each card vs themed cards that look very similar. This will help you establish meaning to imagery and will greatly aid in communicating with your intuition while reading. For any questions about whether your deck is tarot or oracle or any questions about the workshop, feel free to reach out to Sarah at sarahspenceyoga@gmail.com.

Pricing: $77 for both Saturday & Sunday sessions! :)