One Day Assist Training in Southern Pines

One Day Assist Training

Learn the art of "Intuitive Assisting”. You will be taught hands on physical assists and adjustments as well as when to do so based on physical evidence of the body and energetic evidence of the receptivity. The "do's" and "dont's" of physical adjustments will also be also covered. This course is for certified yoga instructors. There are 2 Options for this training:

Option 1 ($150): Do the Sunday Workshop and come away with new tools and concepts that will help you to be a more dynamic instructor.

Option 2 ($250): Become certified to be a paid physical Assist at Hot Asana. You must:

a. first complete the Workshop

b. schedule a time to attend a class where you will bevphysically assisted through the entire class

c. discuss the experience one on one..ask questions...take notes.

d. schedule a time to assist Angela or Brady through an entire class to demonstrate your intuitive assisting....and receive feedback.

e. Repeat "d" as many times as necessary to receive your certification to be hired as a Hot Asana Assist.


Brady Gallagher

Hot Asana Administrative Manager, Southern Pines Teacher Director, Hot Asana Certified Assist, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Reiki Certified, Aerial Yoga

"My torturer became my remedy.” –Beyonce

The mind is a powerful tool. We either allow the mind made self to become our torturer or we use our breath and practice of present moment awareness to be our remedy.

Yoga is for everyone and it will bring you to stillness. Yoga provides a safe haven for the soul and a sanctuary for the mind. Your heart will expand and your mind will open. Come flow with me and see where this practice can guide you!

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Angela Hsu

Teacher Director, E-RYT 200, RYT500, Hot Asana Yoga University Faculty, Certified Hot Asana Assist, Reiki Master, Yin Yoga Certified, YACEP

Angela began practicing yoga just as a means to increase her flexibility. She had taken up skydiving and gravitated toward the discipline of freestyle, which is like dancing and acrobatics in the sky. However, many years of competitive swimming had slowly tightened everything up. She knew immediately that increasing her flexibility would assist greatly in achieving her skydiving goals. However, yoga quickly became much more than that. In addition to the physicality of yoga - the mental and spiritual benefits came to light - and it has since become an integral part of not just her skydiving career, but as a result, her entire life.

If you asked me a few years ago, if I could ever see myself teaching yoga, I would’ve said no. I feel like a perpetual student, there is always still so much to learn. So how could I be a teacher? But since graduating from Yax Yoga Concepts 200hr Vinyasa and Hot Yoga Teacher Training in 2011, Angela has gone on to be a featured yogi in the documentary Why We Breathe, is a Lululemon Ambassador, and was also featured in ORIGIN Magazine as part of their “Women who eat impossible for breakfast” series.

She is currently pursuing her 500hr certification through Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank - already completing specialty training in the areas of Chinese Medicine, Myofascial Release, Spine, Yin, and Meditation. Angela is also a certified Reiki Master. As a result, her teaching style is a unique combination of all her skills and education. She offers a wide range of classes accessible to everyone - from very challenging and dynamic, to healing and meditative - regardless if it’s your first yoga class or you’ve been practicing for years. To learn more about Angela, please visit