+ class types

Mindful Monday (45-60minutes)

Start your Monday mindfully. Join us for a mediation based class consisting of a combination of movement, sound healing, aromatherapy, guided and unguided meditation, mantras, and more. We begin with gentle movement, and move into a themed meditation, followed by optional time to stay, journal, discuss, listen, or whatever serves you best

Flow Down (60 minutes)

Slow down with this relaxing class! This class is a little slow, a little flow, and a sprinkle of yin. You can expect slow and fluid movement, a few long held stretches, and intuitive movement through your body and around your mat. This class has everything but the power!

Power Vinyasa Flow (60 or 75 minutes)

A strong and powerful class that will start out slow, and ease you into a challenging Vinyasa flow. You will twist and turn, lengthen and strengthen, balance and breathe, all the way to Savasana and a cold lavender cloth at the end. In this class, expect constant movement, louder and motivating music, and the chance to explore more advanced postures such as arm balances and other peak poses. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!

Slow Power VInyasa Flow (60 or 75 minutes)

Just like the name implies, this class is similar to our signature Power Vinyasa Flow, with one main difference, it is SLOWER. You don’t lose the strength or the work, but you do gain more time in poses. This is a great way to learn the poses better and to build a strong foundation in your practice. You will twist and turn, lengthen and strengthen, balance and breathe, all the way to Savasana and a cold lavender cloth at the end. In this class, expect longer holds in poses, more focus on basic poses with some exploration in peak poses, and the music is a touch quieter than our Power Flow, but still motivating (a perfect fit if loud music and fast movement is not what you are feeling!) ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Balance & Strength (60 minutes)

A strong and steady class that will take you through a dynamic flow around your mat, similar to our Slow Power Vinyasa Flow with one main difference- there are NO chaturangas in this class! Don’t be fooled by the word “Slow”- longer holds in yoga are highly effective at building muscle! This class is designed to limit weight-bearing on the hands and wrists, there will be no planks or chaturangas and very minimal amounts of down dog, table pose, etc. This class is the perfect compliment to a vinyasa practice. Continue to build strength with this mindful and fluid workout, while giving your wrists and shoulders a much needed break! This class is perfect for ALL LEVELS, especially those new to yoga and looking to spend longer time in poses, anyone who has a wrist/shoulder injury, or an experienced practitioner looking to switch it up!

Back to the Basics (60 or 75 minutes)

Let's get back to the basics!! Is there something you are having a hard time with? A chaturanga, warrior 2, wild thing? Or are you brand new and don't even know what your questions are? You just need an introduction? This is the class for you. We go through a detailed flow with intention and grace. So, whether you are brand new or a seasoned practitioner, this class will help clear things up!!

Tone and Flow

Fun class using thera-bands to tone muscle groups followed by yoga flow to stretch the muscles. A great combination to tone and lean the body.

Kid's Yoga

Kids yoga!! At the Derry Location Tuesdays at 5:30pm (Ages 6-10) & Wednesdays at 10:30am (Ages 4-6). With coloring, games, and a different theme each week, it will be a favorite part of your childs weekly routine! Take a Hot Vinyasa Flow class while your kids have a blast doing yoga next door (optional, not required!)! Sign up under your own name/mindbody account, and let us know yours & your childs name upon signing in to class. $25 for one kids class, or $100 for 5 classes.

Yin Yoga (60 or 75 minutes)

Yin Yoga consists of long held postures to bring a deep release of the connective tissue, increasing flexibility and range of motion. These poses get deeper into the joints, not the muscles. The room is warm, and the music is relaxing.