25 Hours | Sequencing & Cueing for Arm Balance Transitions | Southern Pines

25 Hours | Sequencing & Cueing for Arm Balance Transitions | Southern Pines

25 Hours | Sequencing & Cueing for Arm Balance Transitions

Join Becka for a 25-hour advanced teacher training module in Southern Pines Feb 16-18, 2024

Fri 5-9pm, Sat8am-8pm and Sun 8am-5pm

This module is designed to show you how to build strength, gain confidence and develop foundational arm balancing skills. This module opens with a lesson on polishing and refining basic poses like Downdog, Chaturanga and Crow. Next we progress and focus our efforts on learning the essential elements of more challenging postures, how to sequence them and create opportunities to string them together in classes.

Module Format:

Exploring current knowledge and starting point: Understand the shape of each pose. Get your body and brain doing the pose with gravity to prepare your nervous system for what it will feel like against gravity.

Anatomy & Cueing (Present new material): It's all about structure. Learn how to effectively stack your bones to find the tipping point.

Peak Pose Sequencing: Strategic warmup is crucial to get "flying". Warm up the entire body (wrists to feet) for the exact actions you need to fly the pose or catch some air time!

Execution: Learn how to identify posture limitations, and to break through fear and trust yourself to lean in and fly. This stage is about managing your mind, trusting and developing a longer balance.


Becka Rodriguez


RYT500, CF-L1 & L2 Trainer, Clinical Weightlifting Coach, Precision Nutrition-L1, Mindset RXd Coach, FRC Mobility Specialist

My interest in how the body moves began when I stumbled my way into a Crossfit gym and Yoga studio. They both have been transformative for me in many ways. After trying several classes at a local studio and gym, I quickly fell in love with their diversity and how they ebb and flow. Every class challenged me both physically and mentally, something I had yet to find in any other fitness endeavor. During and after classes I felt strong, weak, graceful, uncoordinated and everything in between. In the midst of the chaos, I suddenly became curious about what my body and mind could do. Like many others, I had spent some of my life trying to make my body fit into a certain standard. Crossfit and Yoga have given me the tools to modify movements to fit MY body and skill set. I learned to move my body in celebration of the amazing things it's designed to do. My interests in fitness ultimately lead me to attend several seminars and obtain certifications along the way. With time, I have grown as a coach and teacher. I love sharing what I know and am grateful for any opportunity to learn and connect with others.

My hope is to bring the highest level of teaching and coaching I can to all of our students. The community that we have here at Hot Asana is really an extension of family for many of us. Your successes are our successes. I am amazed and humbled on a daily basis at our community and how we encourage one another. One of my favorite motivations as a teacher and coach is taking someone from a beginner's level and helping them discover anything is possible. I am grateful to witness how our classes empower, inspire and motivate those who come through our doors. I am dedicated to helping our students challenge their physical and mental limits, move safely, feel accomplished, proud and wanting more!