+ The next day, few days

Reactions the next day are varied. You may feel sore, you may feel stiff, either way, getting back into the yoga room with the heat and more stretching is the cure. Never forget the value of good hydration.

It’s best to attend at least three classes your first week – this will help you acclimate more quickly to the heated room and to the practice.

You will also begin noticing the benefits IMMEDIATELY – the perspiration releases toxins from your body and the fresh oxygenated blood that you create will begin to heal and restore your muscles, joints and organs.

  • Friends and family start to notice that ‘yoga glow’ in your skin – without you saying a thing!
  • And remember – this is your journey, no one else’s – and if this is your first class, the postures may seem strange, and the heat may feel unbearable. Stick with it.

Namaste, Virginia Gallagher and the entire team at Hot Asana Yoga Studio & Boutique