+ The Hot Asana Yoga Environment

  • We believe in a positive, supportive environment. We want you to have an amazing experience every time you walk through our doors.
  • You will be encouraged to maximize the alignment in your postures; coached to reap the rewards of good deep breathing; coaxed to find ‘new places’ in your practice.
  • This is done extremely positively – no ‘drills’, shouting, no “No, no, no that’s wrong”. (Yes, sounds ridiculous, but there are yoga instructors who do this …. we don’t.)
  • We want our studio to be a sanctuary for you. A place that you cannot wait to come to. A place where you can be “You”.

We have a cozy seating area with wireless internet available, complimentary fresh fruit is served after class and there are complimentary towels for your use. Our well stocked bathroom has any essential you might need while you are here and there are complimentary plastic bags for you to take wet clothing or towels home with you.