+ Immediately after class

Stay in the yoga room for the final relaxation pose (savasana) to warm down and allow your breathing and heart rate to return to normal. This helps to integrate all the great work you have completed in the last 60, 75 or 90 mins. Don’t worry, the teacher will let you know when class is officially over.

You will be given a cool lavender cloth at the end of each hot class. You can place this on your head, face or neck to cool off. These towels are infused with lavender essential oil. If you have any allergies to lavender, feel free to just leave the cloth on the floor. You can also use these cloths after class to wipe down your yoga mat.

We have changing rooms and bathrooms for your convenience as well as a comfortable seating area. Please take your time leaving after class, we LOVE to have clients hang around and visit after class. We have a library of yoga books and a comfortable space in which to enjoy them.

We always have time for students to cool down after class. Time to mingle, pick up tips, meet new yogi friends – or just enjoy the rush of endorphins through your body!