+ Before coming to class

  • Take all of the pressure off of yourself by having no expectations other than enjoying the decision you have made to come to class.
  • Brand new students will gain the most by arriving a few minutes early to sign our waiver, ask questions, read this information and relaxing before class begins.
  • You can always sign up for classes online or on the FREE Hot Asana App and even enter your own personal information online before coming to the studio. Choose your location and visit the Schedule tab to register for a class.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water before (and after class).
  • It is best to minimize eating before class to light meals about 2-3 hours before yoga.

If you are attending a morning class and you feel you need to eat, having a light breakfast – perhaps just non-citrus fruit – might help you. Heavy cereal or a full fried breakfast just does not mix well with yoga.