Tiana Tuell

Tiana Tuell

CYT 200, Certified Yin Teacher, Certified Hot Asana Assist

I found hot yoga in college while studying to be an elementary school teacher and was drawn to it for the physical practice. During my first few years as a kindergarten teacher, yoga was a mental release and it made me feel powerful and confident so I could tackle all the challenges in my classroom with strength and grace.

A few years into teaching, I enrolled in my Master’s program in Language and Literacy and dove into my healing, health, and wellness and began to explore holistic alternatives. I began studying Reiki, and color therapy while also trying a variety of movement modalities such as kickboxing, dancing, running, lifting, and much more! I completely changed my diet and lifestyle choices to align with what my unique body needed to thrive. What began as a personal journey turned into a major career change.

In 2022 I left the field of education and a few months later I found Hot Asana. After a few life changing months practicing here, I enrolled in my 200 hour teacher training in 2023 at hot asana yoga university.

During my free time you can catch me playing with my Australian shepherd, cuddling with my two cats, spending time with my husband and family, painting, journaling, reading, cooking, or traveling.

I am passionate about helping others through a journey of bettering themselves and healing because I have learned that one person or team of people can really change someone’s life. I believe that with the right mindset, support, and hard work you can do anything you desire. I am at my best and shining my brightest when I can send my love and light to others. It is my greatest intention to create a safe space for you to flow, let go, and feel good. I want to help you understand how much power you hold within, and all you can have in this lifetime.