CJ Pellerin, Reiki Master, Hampstead Studio

Reiki Master, CJ Pellerin at Hampstead Studio

CJ Pellerin, Reiki Master, Hampstead Studio

Welcome Reiki to Hot Asana Hampstead, offered by Reiki Master, CJ Pellerin!

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that commonly is called palm or hands-on healing. Through the use of this gentle technique, practitioners facilitate universal energy through the palms, which we believe allows for self healing and brings a state of equilibrium for your body. Reiki can provide stress reduction, relaxation, enhance mood and emotional well-being.

“I include Reiki in some of my yoga classes and I especially love being able to offer it in a more individualized 1-1 setting! I enjoy infusing my training in sound healing into sessions as well as an add on, if desired. I’m passionate about energy work and the mind, body and spirit connection. I hope to share energy healing and its benefits with you!”

CJ offers Reiki multiple days at the studio, and invites you to reach out to discuss additional times if needed.

To book your Reiki appointment or find out more information: https://willowwellnessllc.com or email CJ@willowwellnessllc.com