Rachelle Hartigan

Rachelle Hartigan

CYT 200, Certified Hot Holds & Yin Yoga Instructor, Certified KId's Yoga Instructor

Born and raised in the area, I found myself rebounding back to Southern Pines over the years due to my military connections – proudly calling it home again after a decade on the West Coast. I returned with my two children, seeking emotional safety and the desire to find myself after a traumatic event forever changed our course. Within that, I found yoga.

Self-expression in the form of movement has always been a valued sensory output. Classically trained as a dancer from a young age, I need that space held to feel whole. As an adult the ability to achieve such a thing dwindled and no other filler seemed to work. I became sedentary and a passion was lost. My identity shifted from what I knew to simply mother and wife.

Upon training at Hot Asana in 2021, I was able to take my love of movement to a level that truly resonated with a lifestyle I sought. After completing RYT-200, I found purpose in additional education – different styles and audiences.

Slower paced flows and holds that result in uplifting end experiences is my drive as a teacher. Appreciation and respect, with a lighthearted approach is my goal. I find that in youth-based yoga especially. A single yoga class can transform a day.

The ability to center and turn inward is powerful. When done in a community of like-minded individuals, its empowering

It’s a way to find self-awareness and a connection with personal self.

I’m happy to share my yoga.