Leslie Roy

My life used to be consumed by anxiety, stress, emotional ups and downs, looking too much into the future and never truly appreciating what was going on right in front of me. It wasn't until I discovered my passion for Yoga in 2008 when this experience was truly life changing and powerful for me. This practice for me not only helped me work through my anxieties and stress but it allowed me to focus on what really is important in my life and not worrying about the small things. I grew up as a dancer where movement and music was my life. When I discovered Yoga my passion for movement, music, breath, and flow, was empowering and energizing. Teaching Yoga was never something I imagined doing ever in my life. I was talked into doing my 200 hour teacher training in 2013 with a Baptiste style couple Claire MacDonald and Gregor Singleton. As scary the thought of teaching was for me I allowed my ego to re-shift and focus on my passion for Yoga to share with others. I was teaching in the Boston area for the past 2 years and recently moved back to New Hampshire to be with my family to raise my 2.5 year old Daughter Averie in our new home with my Boyfriend Jason. And here I am today!