Kellie Marraffa

Kellie Marraffa

Kellie Marraffa, CYT 200, Certified Yin Yoga Instructor

The very first time I walked into a hot yoga class at Hot Asana I knew

I was hooked. The way it made me feel was like nothing I had felt

before. The more I practiced, the more I fell in love. Yoga has

definitely helped me through some of the most difficult times in my

life. Learning the magic of breath to movement and how you can center

yourself with a simple breath was so helpful in my daily life as a

middle school teacher.

Deciding to become a yoga teacher was something I thought of for a

long time. I wanted to be able to make people feel the way I felt

every time I left a class. So, when Covid hit in 2020 it became the

perfect time to start my training. I received my 200 YTT certification

with Virginia Gallagher and Hot Asana University in May of 2020.

When I’m not teaching yoga, I am teaching 8th grade students in middle

school! You can also find me walking, reading or spending time with my


Becoming a yoga teacher is one of the most gratifying things I have

ever done and I can’t wait to share my practice with you!