Bre Kalmeta,  Ph.D.

Bre Kalmeta

I’m Bre! I’m newer to the Southern Pines area, but have lived in NC for 11 years now.

I was first introduced to yoga during a college course in 2011, however it was not until 2017 that I genuinely began my dedication to my yoga practice, often attending Hot Asana at Southpoint. What began as a means to find flexibility & space in my tightly-bound, grad school-stressed body, soon became a means for a new lifestyle that offered balance, mental clarity, and community. As an athlete, scientist, and entrepreneur, my yoga practice provided me the ability to slow down and find necessary stillness of mind & inner peace, which ultimately brought me to Southern Pines. In 2015, I began teaching movement-based classes while completing my doctorate in neuroscience, and soon realized the intricacies of how science & movement could be woven together to offer more holistic healing. Through myofascial release, strength training, yoga, and a deep scientific knowledge of the body & brain, I have used movement to help people find healing over the past 8 years, with a focus on spinal injuries, neurodegenerative disorders, and postpartum rehabilitation.

I have found that my purpose is to help people move freely & with ease in their physical bodies so that we can all find peace in our mental & emotional bodies. Upon completing my 200hr yoga teacher training, I have been incredibly appreciative and grateful to have rounded out my ability to guide people to find physical, mental, and emotional healing through movement, just as yoga has done for me over the past 6 years. My class style spans from high-energy to gentle, function-focused flows meant for all people and all bodies, no matter your skill or knowledge level.