Angie Funderburk


After going to college I set my sights on getting a good job. Never would I have thought that one of my favorite and most rewarding jobs would evolve from my yoga mat. I began practicing Yoga via videos over 10 years ago as just a way to calm my ever busy mind. I fell in love with yoga from day one. Once I began attending group classes, my interest in teaching classes was peaked, and I began to explore the possibility of taking a yoga teacher training. Several of my fellow yogis and friends encouraged me to become certified and when Hot Asana announced that a yoga teacher training would be offered in Danville, I knew it was just for me! I am so grateful for the experience and will forever love my teacher training tribe. I hope to help many others experience all the benefits of yoga and although I am new to the teaching world, I will continue learning and growing as I share the gift of yoga with all who will accept it.