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A weekend with Lisa Rischitelli

Master Class with Lisa in Durham

Thursday, December 6th 5:45-7:30 pm,with optional 30-minute teacher forum following

This all-levels master class will be filled with plenty of flow, music, and sweat. Lisa’s classes emphasize alignment, playfulness, and inclusiveness. With a deep understanding of the body, Lisa gives students the opportunity to make the most out of their practice through accessible sequencing and concise cues. Teacher Forum: Yoga teachers, join Lisa after class to receive a breakdown of the sequence, learn the why behind the class, and ask any questions. Durham Cost: $25 for class only, $30 with teacher forum included

Find Your Flow Workshop in Southern Pines

Friday, December 7th 6-8 pm, with optional 30-minute teacher forum following

Rhythm is powerful. Tapping into your own inner tempo, while simultaneously syncing your movements with the people around you, creates a deep, freeing connection to your inner self. Find that feeling with this ladder-based flow, a continuously building series of poses. Expect lots of dynamic movement connected with the breath and the opportunity to drop into a powerful moving meditation. Some yoga experience encouraged.

Strength to Soften: Unpacking Scorpion Pose in Southern Pines

Saturday, December 8th 1:15-3:45 pm, with optional 30-minute teacher forum following

It takes strength to have an open heart, and a strong, open heart to grow. Move through poses that will help open the front body, while strengthening and preparing the back body and shoulders to work toward the complex mobility of Scorpion variation of Handstand. Wall and partner work included. Some yoga experience encouraged (but no need to have a perfect handstand in the middle of the room!).

Teacher Forum: Yoga teachers, join Lisa after each session to receive a breakdown of the sequence, learn the why behind the class, and ask any questions.

Southern Pines

Cost: $30 for each class, $35 with teacher forum included OR $50 for both classes, including forum

Teacher Forum: Yoga teachers, join Lisa after each session to receive a breakdown of the sequence, learn the why behind the class, and ask any questions. Southern Pines

Cost: $30 for each class, $35 with teacher forum included OR $50 for both Southern Pines classes, including forum

Weekend Adventure Retreat on Ocracoke Island

Weekend Adventure Retreat on Ocracoke Island

Join Matt Daniel of Full Circle Ops & Savana Harwood of Island Yoga for an Adventure Weekend Retreat on Ocracoke Island. $500 per person includes 3 nights accommodations, daily yoga and meditation sessions and outings to include pints and poses greeting, ocean kayaking, and campfire on the beach. and other adventures. Arrival is Thursday evening Nov 8th and departure on Sunday November 11th. Only 10 spots sign up now. Questions? Email

OM'ERICA - The Yogafest

OM'ERICA - The Yogafest

  • August 4, 2018

    In the Green Space beside Hot Asana Southern Pines

    Since the inception of American Yogi last year, our community has grown thousands strong. We span across the nation and across the globe. We are Soldiers, veterans, paramedics, mechanics, teachers, mothers, and fathers. We are fighters. We are seekers of peace.

    And for the first time, we can practice together.

    Join us August 4th at the Sunrise Theater green space in downtown Southern Pines, NC for Om’erica: The Yoga Fest. A day of yoga that represents our roots—the military veteran.

    The day will highlight veteran-owned businesses, vendors, and organizations and include three outdoor classes taught by certified yoga instructors who are also vets.

    The proceeds of the event will benefit the community on two fronts. First, the money raised will send one veteran through 200-hour yoga teacher training through Hot Asana Yoga University. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to The Exalted Warrior Foundation, a 503(c) nonprofit that facilitates adaptive yoga instruction for wounded warriors across the country.

    Price of entry gets you admission to three classes as well as access to vendors and raffles from Combat Flip Flops, Hot Asana, and more!

    Bring your mat, a towel, and favorite yoga buddies for a morning of peace and community.

    And as always, American Yogi merch will be available for purchase, including a limited-edition shirt designed especially for the event!

    Click the link on our profile for tickets. Admission will be available for purchase on site, but due to limited capacity of the outdoor space, we recommend you book early to ensure a spot!"

    Limited spaces available. Reserve Your Spot Here!

A  weekend  with Grace Morales

A Weekend with Grace Morales

  • Dates: March 3rd and 4th
  • Locations: Hot Asana Southern Pines
  • Times: March 3rd 1:30-3:30pm March 4th 1:45-3:45pm
  • Cost: $30 for one or $50 for both

Saturday March 3rd: Small changes for big results. Students will move through a flow three times, each time focusing on one small change. Even though the flow will be the same on the outside the body will perceive it differently on the inside. Small changes can bring Big results. Join us

Sunday March 4th: Super Souls Sunday with Grace! Nough said, Be There!

$30 a class or both for $50. Register Here

Tulum Retreat 2019

Yoga Retreat In Tulum Mexico

  • Join Virginia Gallagher, Lisa Rischitelli, and Paula Gilligan for an entire week of yoga, meditation, relaxation & restoration.

    October 12-19, 2019

    At the spectacular Maya Tulum, Mexico.

    Pricing includes breathtaking accommodations, beautiful meals,and soulful yoga and meditation programs.

    ONLY 40 spaces available. Reserve Your Cabana Here!

Bryan Kest Masterclass in COS

Bryan Kest Masterclass in COS, CO

  • Dates: October 25th, 2017
  • Locations: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 6:30-9:30PM
  • Cost: $75
  • Join internationally recognized Bryan Kest for a special Power Yoga Master Class in Colorado Springs. Bryan Kest began practicing yoga in 1979 and studied directly with Pattabhi Jois in 1983 in India. As the creator of Power Yoga, Bryan has influenced Vinyasa yoga as we know it in the U.S. today. Bryan’s classes are well-rounded, flowing asana practice that integrates mental practices that enhance everyday living. The class is intended to invigorate your body and help you develop a calm, less reactive state of mind with dynamic flowing routines. In this Power Yoga workshop, you’ll be encouraged to focus on the process and not the end result. ALL levels of yoga practitioners will enjoy and benefit from the workshop.

    A Power Yoga Master Class typically includes:

    • 1 hour lecture about basic philosophy and fundamentals

    • 2 hour physical practice incorporating principles from the lecture