David Wetterich

David Wetterich


When I step onto my mat, one of my usual intentions is to be present.

To me, being "present" means being aware of what's going on and giving your best at the given moment, as well as maintaining a sense of balance. It is so easy to get caught up in the past and/or future today - for me, yoga has helped bring this "present-ness" and "balance" to all aspects of my life.

I first discovered yoga in off-season workouts with my college golf teammates - I really wasn't hooked until I attended a class at Hot Asana in 2016. In a short time I found myself coming to my mat (and class) more frequently. I continued to dive deeper into my practice, finding a studio during my time in Florida, where the idea of teaching yoga came to light when a random yogi came up to me after practice and said, "hey! You'd be a great teacher".

After moving back to the area in late 2019 and having COVID-19 vastly affect my professional golf schedule, I decided it was the perfect time to attain my RYT-200 certification. Upon completing my 200 hour training with Hot Asana, I dove right into teaching.

Yoga has advanced from not only a personal practice of my own, but a way for me to share a passion with others. I look forward to sharing and growing this passion with you!