Casey Deschene

I have always been an active person, constantly finding new ways to challenge myself. This included picking up skateboarding in my early 20s, eventually resulting in a torn ACL and meniscus. I found yoga in order to ease back into movement and regain strength and mobility. A debilitating and devastating injury turned into a life changing gift in disguise. The flow, the music, and the challenge initially attracted me to the practice, but it was the peace of mind and fresh perspective that kept me coming back.

In my teaching, I seek to create a safe space for growth, encouraging yogis to find their limits and push past what they thought was possible. Yoga provides an opportunity to break things down and be more mindful, not only on the mat but in all areas of life. With dedication, the practice can open up so many more opportunities. I have learned to have patience with myself, and I have gained a much greater appreciation for process. I teach to share this gift and help others to feel better in the life they lead. I want my students to work for the sense of pride they feel for even the smallest of shifts. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and strength I gained thanks to my teachers Lynn Begier, Ryan Cunningham and Renee LeBlanc during my yoga teacher training at Back Bay Yoga (Now Yogaworks Boston).