Sound  Bath

Hot Candlelight Flow & Soundbath

  • Date: Saturday May 28th
  • Location: Hot Asana Colorado Springs
  • Times: 7-8:15pm
  • Instructors: Essie Calyem
  • Cost: Regular Class Price
  • A Soundbath is a great way to deal with the nonstop influx of information and technology in our modern lives. A 45 minute flow begins the experience where sequences are practiced together and then on your own breath and own pace...There’s no judgment or question of "Am I doing this right?’”as long as you give in to the experience and move on your breath. When you trust your body, you’re going to have a positive experience and get more grounded. The final 30 minutes are spent on the floor in calming postures while the bowls are played. When sound frequencies move through a space, we are part of that space, and our bodies resonate with those frequencies. Our body has the ability to ‘harmonize’ with different frequencies. These sound therapy rhythms and frequencies are used to entrain our brainwaves. Entrainment can synchronize our fluctuating brainwaves by providing a pattern or stable frequency to which we can attune, similar to the effects of meditation.