50 Hr Hip Module in Costa Rica

50 Hips/Arm Balance Module in Costa Rica

JoinVirginia Gallagher & Lisa Rischitelli for a five-day advanced teacher training module at Blue Spirit Resort in Costa Rica, May 12-19, 2018.

This module will include:

· Advanced posture clinics and advanced sequencing for arm balance postures centered around deep hip opening

· Skeletal and muscular anatomy of the shoulder girdle and hip joint

· Myofascial line study

· Meditation

Evolve and deepen your understanding of the teaching the science of yoga. This 50-hour yoga teacher training module has been carefully constructed to expand your knowledge, skill set and confidence as both a teacher and a student. The work that we do as yoga teachers is key in both the mental and physical wellness of our communities. Elevate your credentials to teach beyond the introductory information commonly delivered in a 200-hour teacher training. This is one of many modules set up by Hot Asana Yoga University to stand alone as continuing education or to allow you to build your 300-hour certification at your own pace. You have up to five years to complete all 270 contact hours for a 300-hour certification.


Room Options

Shared room:

Superior Ocen View w/ AC: $2625

Ocean View w/ AC: $2450

Mountain View w/ AC: $2350

Pacifico Cottage w/ AC: $2350

Nature Suite w/ AC: $2275

Hermitage Room w/ AC: $2125

EcoCottage w/ NO AC: $1865

Private room:

Superior Ocen View w/ AC: $3295

Ocean View w/ AC: $2975

Mountain View w/ AC: $2875

Pacifico Cottage w/ AC: $2875

Nature Suite w/ AC: $2775

Hermitage Room w/ AC: $2370

EcoCottage w/ NO AC: $2165

Platform Tent w/ NO AC: $1800

Lisa Rischitelli

Teacher Director, E-RYT 200, E-RYT 500, Certified Hot Asana Assist, Hot Asana Yoga University Faculty

After years of training in classical ballet and modern dance, Lisa first tried yoga in the hopes of finding a workout which balanced both strength and flexibility. She became hooked when she realized that she had also discovered a community which found beauty in so-called imperfections and encouraged compassion for others and oneself—plus yoga still kicked her butt on a regular basis.

Lisa completed her 200-hour certification with YogaWorks in New York in 2010 and her 500-hour certification with Grace Morales in North Carolina in 2014. She is registered with Yoga Alliance, with more than 1,000 teaching hours. Lisa’s classes emphasize alignment, playfulness, and inclusiveness. With a deep understanding of the body, Lisa gives students the opportunity to make the most out of their practice through accessible sequencing and concise cues.

When not on the mat, Lisa enjoys cooking vegetarian food, sharing a bottle of wine with friends, snuggling with her two cats and three dogs.

Virginia Gallagher

Studio Owner, Hot Asana Yoga University Faculty, E-RYT 200 , E-RYT 500, RCYT, YACAP, Yin Yoga Instructor

We are all on our own personal journey. I would like to share a little bit about my yoga journey with you…

I attended my first Hot Yoga Class in this very studio on August 12, 2007 and fell in love with the mental and physical connection I felt. I began practicing 3 – 6 times a week, shed 40 pounds in 4 months, and was able to discontinue the use of all of my prescription medications. I began to feel healthier and stronger than ever. Convinced of the benefits of yoga, I continued my daily practice and with the guidance of my teachers and mentors I began to deepen my dedication to and knowledge of yoga.

I began my teacher training in 2008 and since then have completed multiple 200 and 500 hour certifications as well as a Yin Yoga training. My trainings have been diverse but my teaching style has been primarily influenced by Grace and MyLinda Morales, Jimmy Barkan, Rolf Gates, Chris & John Yax , Deepak Chopra, Bryan Kest and Paul Grilley. I fundamentally believe that anyone can change their body and their life. I believe we can in fact, grow younger and stronger. I would love to show you how Hot Asana can be a part of that change. It doesn’t matter when or in what condition you start…JUST START. Your best YOU may very well be yet to come.

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